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Tukwila Pool Swim Club

Tukwila Pool Swim Club Mission Statement

To provide a welcoming public aquatics facility managed in a fiscally-responsible manner with a focus on educating all ages in the lifelong skills of water safety. We carry out this mission with a Board and staff who are compassionate, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of our diverse community, working to foster positive and lifelong experiences with aquatic environments.

Swim Coaches


Vincent has been teaching swim lessons for over 5 years. Vincent has 9 years of swim team experience under his belt. He loves to see swimmers advance through swim lessons, and is excited to continue to develop our swimmers.

Favorite Quote: “The Ultimate Key: Watch Improve Learn Adapt”


Interested in joining?

Joining Tukwila Pool swim club:

1. You will need to be approved by one of our swim coaches above, or pass our Pre-Comp class to register. Please contact to set up a try out. 

2. After completing pre-competition swim lessons, or by partaking in a tryout and getting approved by a coach; register by calling 206-267-2350 or making a visit to the pool.

3. Come to practice and have fun.


Important dates

Description Date
Registration for Summer Swim Club
June 28th

*dates subject to change

Swim Club Information

Tukwila Pool Swim club is a great opportunity to strengthen stroke technique, increase endurance, master turns and racing starts, and build teamwork! 

Time of practices: 4:00pm-5:00pm or 5:00pm – 6:00pm 

Days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Summer Season July 5th – August 27th


Time Resident Non-Resident

*price subject to change