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Governance of the TPMPD

It has been my honor to have served the people of Tukwila as a TPMPD Commissioner since 2015. Having been around water all my life, I truly understand and am committed to maintaining and sustaining a swimming pool accessible to our diverse community. As Commissioner, I will continue to support and strengthen TPMPD relationships with the Tukwila School District and the City of Tukwila to ensure increased access to health and safety benefits in a fiscally responsible manner.

In the past 6 years our Pool District has thrived and achieved many accomplishments including: partnerships with the American Red Cross for much needed swim lesson scholarships and Health Insurance providers for low-cost fitness options; successfully completing capital improvement projects such as new flooring, a pool liner replacement and facility painting; and being fiscally responsible stewards of the public’s money by increasing reserves each year through careful oversight.

The vision of the Tukwila Pool is to contribute to the quality of life for our community, and for future generations, through welcoming, fun, safe and positive aquatic experiences. During my first term, along with my fellow commissioners and the Tukwila Pool Operations team, we started our “3rd Saturday Events” to encourage families and community to engage with the Pool. Over the past 6 years we’ve hosted such themes as, “Pumpkin Plunge,” “April Pools Day,” and “Cardboard Boat Races.” Quality instructed swim lessons and other programs meet the needs of our diverse community. Financial viability is crucial to our pool’s continued success. Our debt will soon be paid off, and we are starting discussions on how we can best serve our community for the next 50 years.

Since moving to Tukwila six years ago, I have noticed how close-knit the community is. I have run into various city officials at events, I have been able to go to and be heard at city council meetings, and I have taken part in programs for residents. It is the kind of community where its officials and citizens are seen and heard. Our pool is one thing that brings our community together. I was on the swim team in high school and now my son adores the water. He loves going to the pool every week and always knows someone there. Whether it’s a friend, a neighbor, or the pool staff, he always feels welcomed and has fun. That is what fosters a great community – welcoming staff and a safe place to have fun. I am committed to ensuring that the pool stays welcoming and affordable for our community.

It has been my privilege to serve as a Commissioner for the Tukwila Pool Metropolitan Park District for the last 4 years. I look forward to the next 6 years to serve our community for resident’s young and old to be able to have access to swim lessons, to be educated on water safety and continuing to keep the Tukwila Pool sustainable and a viable resource to our community. Swimming and water safety bring back very fond memories for me as a child, as my parents made sure that my sister and I were educated on water safety and had swim lessons every summer at Steel Lake. My passion for the Tukwila Pool comes from my parents as they were just as passionate as I am about swimming and water safety.

After moving to Tukwila six years ago, my wife and I were excited about having a pool so close to our new home. As a new father, I was enthusiastic to share my love of swimming and aquatics with my child.

In High school, I was on the swim team, worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor. After high school, I continued lifeguarding and upon receiving my Water Safety Instructor Certification I took over the swim lesson program increasing the revenue by a third.

Wanting to help our local pool succeed, I joined the Tukwila Pool Advisory Committee in which I served as the chair. I have also been on the hiring committee for the new Aquatics Manager and District Administrator. I actively volunteer at the Saturday events.