TPAC – Tukwila Pool Advisory Committee

TPAC – Tukwila Pool Advisory Committee

The Tukwila Pool Advisory Committee Members:

Sharon Shipman – Chair                   Term expires 12/31/2018

Di Myers  – Vice Chair                   Term expires 12/31/2020

Ivan Cockrum – Secretary                 Term expires 12/31/2020

Jacque Carroll – Member                  Term expires 12/31/2020

Vacant position                                Term expires 12/31/2019

Vacant position                                Term expires 12/31/2020


Two Open Positions available on TPAC!

We’re seeking someone who loves the pool and wants to be an active part of the community.  As a member of TPAC, you’d attend a monthly meeting, hear the inside scoop on what’s going on at the pool and provide your guidance and support to the staff and Board of Commissioners on how to provide the community with a wonderful pool for generations to come.  The members of TPAC have been highly influential in the direction of the pool and most of them have gone on to be elected as Commissioners.  Complete and submit the application below to: or hand it in to the front desk.

Student members needed!

Do you love the pool?  Are you a high school age (14-18) student looking for a volunteer opportunity that will have a real impact?  See how local districts are governed as an insider and share your perspective with the Tukwila Pool Metropolitan Park District Commissioners. We need you to help advance the Tukwila Pool’s goals of serving the community!


TPAC’s Impact

The Tukwila Pool Advisory Committee was formed in 2012 to give citizens a voice in the TPMPD.  TPAC members are dedicated to ensuring that the Tukwila Pool continues to be an accessible, high-quality resource for the community.

Some of the services TPAC has provided:

  • Research and support on capital improvement projects
  • Helping staff put on our fun monthly events
  • Marketing the pool and other community outreach
  • Feedback to the Board of Commissioners on plans, policies & budgets
  • And much more!

The public is invited to TPAC meetings and encouraged to contribute to the conversation.  Meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 8:10 am at the Tukwila Community Center (except March & May 2016 which will be held at the pool).


TPAC Records 2012-2014

Bylaws of the Tukwila Pool Advisory Committee (TPAC) Revised 8-9-2015

MPD TPAC 2012-02-25 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2012-02-25 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2012-03-10 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2012-03-10 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2012-03-24 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2012-03-24 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2012-04-07 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2012-04-07 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2012-04-14 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2012-04-14 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2012-05-02 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2012-05-02 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2012-05-18 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2012-05-18 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2012-06-06 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2012-06-06 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2012-06-13 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2012-06-13 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2012-07-11 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2012-07-11 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2012-08-08 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2012-08-08 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2012-09-12 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2012-09-12 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2012-10-03 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2012-10-03 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2012-11-07 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2012-11-07 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2012-11-10 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2012-12-05 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2012-12-05 Minutes


MPD TPAC 2013-01-09 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2013-01-09 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2013-02-06 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2013-02-06 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2013-03-06 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2013-03-06 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2013-03-20 Special Meeting Agenda

MPD TPAC 2013-03-20 Special Meeting Minutes

MPD TPAC 2013-03-20 Special Meeting Notice

MPD TPAC 2013-04-03 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2013-04-03 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2013-05-08 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2013-05-08 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2013-06-05 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2013-06-05 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2013-07-08 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2013-07-08 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2013-08-07 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2013-08-07 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2013-09-04 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2013-09-04 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2013-09-07 Special Meeting Agenda

MPD TPAC 2013-09-07 Special Meeting Minutes

MPD TPAC 2013-09-13 Special Meeting Agenda

MPD TPAC 2013-09-13 Special Meeting Minutes – KJ Design

MPD TPAC 2013-10-02 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2013-10-02 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2013-11-06 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2013-11-06 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2013-12-04 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2013-12-04 Minutes


MPD TPAC 2014-01-11 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2014-01-11 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2014-02-01 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2014-02-01 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2014-03-01 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2014-03-01 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2014-04-05 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2014-04-05 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2014-05-03 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2014-05-03 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2014-06-07 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2014-06-07 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2014-07-12 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2014-07-12 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2014-08-02 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2014-08-02 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2014-09-06 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2014-09-06 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2014-10-04 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2014-10-04 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2014-11-01 Agenda

MPD TPAC 2014-11-01 Minutes

MPD TPAC 2014-12-06 Agenda