Swim Lesson Scholarships


Scholarship Fund

The Tukwila Pool wants to ensure all people have access to swim lessons, programs, and aquatics activities. The pool’s scholarship program is funded annually with the intention to provide everyone the opportunity to participate in activities at the pool, regardless of income. The Tukwila Pool staff aim to create a warm, friendly environment that promotes water safety, efficient swimming technique and FUN! Staff is here to help with the application process if you have questions or concerns.


*2018 Scholarship Update: We are no longer accepting new applications for 2018. Applications for 2019 are being accepted.

Our traditional scholarship is for residents of Tukwila, only. Use the Tukwila Residents Scholarship Application (or the Spanish version).

The Kaiser Permanente scholarship fund has helped train up many people this year, but is no longer available. We are seeking additional sponsorship for swimmers who live outside of the city limits of Tukwila. Our thanks to Kaiser Permanente for helping us teach swimming and water safety for most of the first half of 2018 through their scholarship.

Request Process

The request process is as follows:

  1. Complete the Tukwila Residents Scholarship Application and, if necessary, supply supporting documentation.
    • Option #1: Go to the School District office of where your child goes to school and obtain a verification of Free/Reduced Lunch Program Participation letter OR
    • Option #2: Complete the Income Verification Worksheet section of the Scholarship Request Form . In addition, provide the following documents:
      • Most recent Federal Income Tax Return Form OR
      • Copy of last two (2) most recent pay stubs
  • Return scholarship form and supporting documentation to the Tukwila Pool
  • Tukwila Pool Staff will review the completed form and documentation and respond to your request within 10 business days of being received.


Application Information & Policies

  1. Qualification is based upon Household Income Guidelines or Free and Reduced Lunch Qualification. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s current “Income Guidelines for King County” will be used as the basis for establishing the award guidelines. Additionally, students qualifying for free/reduced lunch with the Tukwila or Highline School Districts (who live in Tukwila) may automatically qualify. The table below details award amounts based upon qualifications
Tukwila/Highline Free/Reduced Lunch HUD Income Guidelines Scholarship Award Amount
80% – 50% of Median Income 50% of program or pass cost
Reduced Lunch 50% – 30% of Median Income 75% of program or pass cost
Free Lunch 30% or lower of Median Income 100% of program or pass cost


  1. Scholarships are available to residents and/or students in Tukwila. Proof of residency and/or verification of school attendance may be required.
  2. Scholarships may not be available for all programs. Some programs are exempt from funding, and some programs may only be eligible for partial funding.
  3. Scholarships availability. Scholarships are dependent on funding availability and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Funding is allocated annually and distributed seasonally as follows:


Season % of funds to be awarded
Winter: January – April 25%
Summer: May – August 50%
Fall: September – December 25%


  1. Scholarships are limited. One scholarship per participant per season may be awarded. However, additional scholarships may be awarded at the discretion of the Director of Aquatics Operations depending upon funding availability. Only lessons continuation will be considered for additional scholarship funding in a given season. The intent of additional scholarships for swim lessons is to encourage skills competency relative to water safety.
  2. Additional Policy and Procedure information: Additional information can be found at www.tukwilapool.org.