Request For Quotes

Tukwila Pool Metropolitan Park District issued on July 8, 2019 a Request for Quotes for the Tukwila Pool  Liner Resurfacing Project. We are soliciting quotes from interested businesses to help us get a good, durable, safe pool liner. Quotes must be received by Tukwila Pool MPD by 5 pm, July 31, 2019.

Interested bidders must be on the MRSC Small Works Rosters ( by the date of the closing of bidding on this project (July 31, 2019) in order to be under consideration for an award of contract. MRSC (Municipal Research and Services Center) personnel state that once a completed application for inclusion in the Roster is submitted, it generally takes three (3) business days for the petitioning organization’s name to appear. Go to in order to begin the steps to joining MRSC Rosters.

Contractors may conduct a Site Visit – Please schedule with the Project Manager: Brad Harpin, (206) 267-2350,

If your business would like to place a bid, or if you are curious about what Tukwila Pool is looking for, the following document is available for download:

RFQ-Tukwila-Pool-MPD 2019 Pool Liner Resurfacing Project